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    To sort the view by descending order based on a combination of two fields

    Ramkumar Chandrasekaran



      I have 3 columns in my dataset. Country, VR ID and Net Exposure. The requirement is to display Country, VR ID and the Sum of Net Exposure (sorted by descending order). To achieve this, I have added Country and VR ID to the rows shelf and Sum of Net Exposure to the columns shelf. To sort the sum of net exposure by descending order, I have created a combined field 'Country' and 'VR ID' and hidden this combined field later.


      The problem here is, the sorting happens by each country which is not accepted. If I swap the positions of country and VR ID, that is in the order (VRID, Country and Sum of Net Exposure) the sorting happens at VR ID level which is also not right.  This is because the same VR ID might exist in another country as well. How do I sort the view by sum of Net Exposure for the combination of Country and VR ID?


      Please help.