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    Percent of row total for a measure (noob question)

    Scott Reida

      Tableau community,


      I have a question that will likely be quick for many of you.  I want to get a percent of total calculation by individual row.  I put a simple example dash on Tableau Public at:



      In the example, I'd like Home to show 30% at the end of the bar and Office with 60%.  There are tons of examples showing percent totals for the whole set of products...but I can't seem to find one by row.  One of my issues seems to be that it is doing the percentage of just the grouping that is purchased as Yes or No.  In other words...I get a percentage of 100% of total for No and 100% for Yes (but I want it to combine the two for the total number of records).  I tried a LOD calc with INCLUDE and it did the same thing.  That said...I could've done it incorrectly.


      Help greatly appreciated!


      Thank you