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    A week or two ago, embedded Tableau Public pages quit working in IE only.

    Marla Parker

      This public report stopped loading in IE browser only:  Tableau Public  Google says the  server is refusing old versions of IE, but this happens with IE 11, after verifying that compat mode is turned off.  What version of Tableau Server runs on Tableau Public?  Did it change within the last couple of weeks?  Does the version of Tableau Desktop matter?  On Jan 31, I made an update using v 10 on my desktop.  Then this week, in hopes of fixing the problem, I rebuilt the reports using an older version of Tableau desktop 9.3 and pushed that up to Tableau Public.  That is what is live now.  In all cases, it works fine for Chrome.

      Pasted image at 2017_02_10 01_52 PM.png