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    Hostname Change


      Dear All,


      We have changed our hostname ABC0001 to XYZ0002. Its referring to old host name still when trying to start the application. May I know which log files do we need to change or edit the host name in logs when the hostname gets changed. Request you help in this

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          John Kuo

          Try updating gateway.public.host?


          tabadmin set options

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            Jeffrey Lutomski

            Hi, I have a similar problem we updated the hostname of our Windows server to follow standards.


            This is what I did, and I have only had mixed success:


            I stopped tableau server.


            exported the configuration to a file.


            then I used tadadmin set commands to change the configuration lines that when the old hostname.

            Then I ran at tabadmin configure and restarted the server ( like below)

            But I am still getting apache errors and flapping on the service going up and down.

            Yet, it work at times.


            tabadmin stop

            tabadmin set external_cache.keyspace_name newhostname

            tabadmin set recommendations.host newhostname

            tabadmin set repository.blobbased.key_prefix newhostname

            tabadmin set wgserver.staticimages.url.host newhostname

            tabadmin set wgserver.gateway newhostnameurl

            tabadmin configure

            tabadmin start

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              Jeffrey Lutomski

              Come to find out for our environment some of the networking devices didn't have the new hostname correctly updated and that might be the reason for our failure. DNS is being corrected and I am going to reboot the machine and retest