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    Email campaign


      Can i know what is the approach to do this .

      An online marketing team sent two email campaigns . 1st: Christmas campaign, 2:  New Year sales campaign.

      You are asked to deliver an interactive dashboard to help the Finance officer analyse the performance of the email marketing campaign over Christmas and the New Year sales.

      Think about what insights may be of interest to the user based on the data collected by the CRM system

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          John Sobczak

          Niteesh,  I'll let others weigh in on this, but I don't think this is the intent of the forum.  If you have a specific targeted problem clearly defined with examples and sample workbook that you are trying to figure out then great we can help.  Did you put any effort in this to even attempt a dashboard?

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            thank you for the reply john ,

            yes, i did it but when i am trying to extract a horizontal bars  for count() customer id vs clicks i received no result .