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    Drill Down on different hierarchy level values

    Dharmendra Ojha



      I am two reports, Summary and Detail. in summary, there is a hierarchy Code which has 5 levels. all five levels should filter single column in detail.




      Cd1 Cd2 Cd3 Cd4 Cd5

      A1    A2   A3   A4   A5



      Cd      Amount

      A1      1200

      A2      700

      A3      900

      A4      600

      A5      100


      now requirement says, if user drill down code hierarchy till Cd2 and click on it. Detail should show only row i.e. A2 700 similarly if user drill down till level5 i.e. Cd5 Details should show A5 100.

      on top of it, if code has been drilled till level 5, user should be able to drill to any level.


      any help, I am not suppose to upload any workbook for now.