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    [9.3] Checkbox to include values otherwise excluded?

    Shane D'Lima

      Hi Tableau,


      I am working with a dataset that has a column for "Active" i.e. whether or not they are still at the organization. I created a calculated field to only display values when Active = True and this accomplishes what I need. However, I was asked to include a checkbox that offers dashboard users a single option to include Inactive users as well for comparison of past metrics versus current


      I was thinking of doing away with my earlier calculated fields where I only displayed values where Active = "True" and creating a set where Active = "False" and adding that as a filter but that seems to be wiping out all my values when applied. Is there a more elegant solution where by default Inactive users are excluded but through clicking a checkbox, inactive users are included in the dataset?


      I am working with a highly confidential dataset so unfortunately I cannot link to the workbook but I hope to gain some insight from more experienced users here.


      Thank you!