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    Intermittent Schedule Extract


      Hi All,


      I'm currently using the 9.2.0 version and I observe that there is some schedule extract run issue in my environment. We have scheduled the workbook to run daily at 9:00 AM and when I explore the past few days history, the extract neither ran nor gave the error message. The background status appears empty as shown below.




      Request you to please suggest to fix the issue.

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          Toby Erkson

          There's not much information to go on...

          Maybe the Owner removed the extract from the Schedule for that time period.

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            Hi Toby,


            Thanks for the response. I'm the server admin. So, is there any way to track regarding the schedule removal/addition by the owner? If so, please suggest

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              Toby Erkson

              Using the custom admin. views I can sort of get an answer.  Use the attached workbook (version 10.0.1).  You will need to edit the connection so it points to your Tableau Server using the "readonly" admin account.


              I did this twice while testing.  The first time was at 5:30, that's when I deleted the refresh Task.  I then re-added the refresh at 5:32.  At that time the Name (Datasources) and Name (Schedules1) were not Null, they had the info in them.  I did it again at 7:34 (deleted) and 7:35 (added).

              You can see what I mean by "sort of get an answer" because the data shows exactly what was Created but does not show what was Deleted   Seems like a mistake or bug to me as it's an incomplete data capture (insufficient auditing task).  Maybe I did something wrong, if so, please correct




              Note that all times that come from these tables are UTC, not your current local time, so when checking the time make sure you apply the correct time modifier.  Thus 5:32PM server time was 9:32AM Pacific time (my time when I was testing).

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                This issue got fixed in later releases. We upgraded the server from 9.2.0 to 10.4.0. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions