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    Tableau Server data source file held open

    Jeff Harding

      We have a workbook published to Tableau Server(10.1.3) that uses an Excel file as the data source.  This particular file is located on a network drive.  The problem: it appears that the account we use for the "Server run as user" setting in Tableau Server is holding open that file all day.  When someone tries to open the file to input data and hits save, it says the file "is currently in use. Try again later".

      I see there is a setting for data connections caching.  We have it set on "Refresh more often".  It seemed to be the best choice, since most our workbooks are connected to SQL databases. Could this be part of the problem with Tableau Server "holding open" the Excel file used in one of our workbooks?  or something else I'm missing? I'm also wondering if the data source setting of "embedded in workbook" or ''published separately" makes a difference on this issue.


      Thanks, Jeff

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          Jeff Strauss

          I tried what you describe (workbook attached onto a live Excel file on a network drive that is published on server).  It allows me to edit and save the Excel and then when I hit refresh within the Tableau Server rendering, it updates the data within the viz.  And we have "refresh less often".  I tried it both with embedded and published datasources with no issue.



          1. I use UNC path (i.e. ORD-TBLxxx\scripts\book1.xlsx) to point at my workbook.  My server run-as user has full access to this path.


          2. When publishing, I uncheck "include external files".


          3. Test it out with a brand new workbook and an Excel file that you know is not being used.  This will eliminate any possibility of one of your teammates inadvertently having the Excel open on their desktop unknowingly getting in the way.

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            Jeff Harding

            Thanks for the feedback Jeff!  I will try those suggestions today, and will follow up on this discussion.


            Jeff H