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    Tooltips - too many calculated fields?

    Isa Saramago

      Hi again!


      In this tutorial about tooltips, see Step 2: Create calculated fields to show numerical percent.

      I can't understand the need for this step when we have already 2 Calculated Fields containing the formula that satisfies this wish, namely:


      When we calculate the string field to show the remaining percentage for a bar, we use (RIGHT("character string", 100-(ROUND(SUM([Your cohort calculation])/SUM([Measure])*100)))) .

      Isn't the second part of the formula already showing the numerical percent of the value?  Why then we have to calculate another calculated field (Furniture Percent #) to show this? The part I'm referring to is (ROUND(SUM([Furniture Sales Cohort])/SUM([Sales])*100,0).


      And we also use this formula to calculate the very first string field to create the cohorts calculation.

      Can't understand the redundancy.


      (I can't attach a packaged workbook as it is too large...)


      Thanks in advance!






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          Jamieson Christian



          Reading through the tutorial, I can see where some efficiencies can be driven by utilizing [Furniture Percent #] et al in the other calculations. The tutorial was designed to improve readability by minimizing the dependencies between calculated fields. I recommend that you implement the tutorial as-is and then experiment to see where you might be able to skip steps or streamline your formulas. I don't believe you're going to be able to skip steps completely — it appears that every calculated field is needed to fulfill a unique function — but you can certainly find opportunities to streamline the calculations somewhat.


          Good luck!

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            Isa Saramago

            Thanks for the tip, Jamieson!


            Best regards

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