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    How to connect Tableau with ECC 6.0

    Ananda K

      I am trying to find the relevant notes to connect the Tableau to SAP ECC 6.0, Can any one help me

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          Hi Ananda K,


          Tableau does not directly connect to SAP ECC 6.0.  If the data in the ERP is from another database, then I suggest connecting directly to the source database (assuming Tableau has supported drivers).

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            k e

            Hi Ananda,


            our company Theobald Software is leading provider for SAP integration solutions and a Tableau technology partner.

            We offer Xtract Universal as an SAP Connector for Tableau.


            Xtract Universal can extract data from SAP ERP / ECC ( from tables, views, BAPIs, ERP Queries, ABAP Reports and Datasources) and from BW (Cubes, Queries, Hierarchies, Export Datasources etc.).


            Xtract Universal can extract the SAP data and deliver them as TDE file and optinally upload it to the tableau server.


            Another Options are possible too:

            - deliver the extracted data as OData stream to Tableau, in this way you have a "live connection" between SAP ERP/BW and Tableau

            - using an ETL Tool (like alteryx or others) to extract and prepare data for Tableau.

            - extracting the data to a Database / Datawarehouse (On Premise or in the Cloud)



            We have many customers extracting data from SAP ERP. Check our product web site.


            Tableau Destination - Theobald Software GmbH: https://theobald-software.com/en/tableau-destination.html


            If you have further questions, just feel free to ask me or to download a trial version of Xtract Universal.




            Best Regards,



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              Peter Csillag

              Hi Ananda,


              please note that incautious connections of non-SAP reporting tools (and non SAP licensed users) to SAP systems may result so called "indirect access" - which will cost you lots of extra SAP licence fees. Read more here: https://virtdb.com/sap-indirect-access-virtdbs-solution/


              A nice example of how to connect Tableau - either server or desktop - to SAP ECC is here: https://virtdb.com/create-sap-fi-mini-data-mart-tableau/


              Another compliant way to do it is manual ABAP coding and scheduling of SAP data extracts + set your Tableau data source connections to those extract files - but I assume you don't want to do that in 21st century.


              Peter C