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    Error fetching data from AWS Redshift (exceeds the limit) on TableauDesktop 10.1.4

    Sama Ra



      ERROR: Fetch size 7192 exceeds the limit of 1000 for a single node configuration. Reduce the client fetch/cache size or upgrade to a multi node installation.; internal ROLLBACK failed


      error while Tableau Desktop 10.1.4 fetching data from AWS Redshift (single node, dc1.large instance)raw SQL


      The raw SQL is:

      SELECT COALESCE("events"."lat", COALESCE("hotspots"."lat", "hotspots1"."lat")) AS "calculation_423760619674664960",

        COALESCE("events"."lng", COALESCE("hotspots"."lng", "hotspots1"."lng")) AS "calculation_423760619674816513"

      FROM "public"."events" "events"

        LEFT JOIN "public"."hotspots" "hotspots" ON ("events"."hotspot_id" = "hotspots"."id")

        INNER JOIN "public"."tips" "tips" ON ("events"."tip_id" = "tips"."id")

        INNER JOIN "public"."hotspots" "hotspots1" ON ("tips"."hotspot_id" = "hotspots1"."id")

      GROUP BY 1,


      which executes fine directly via external postgres gui client.

      Googling the problem gets no results.


      Thank you in advance for any help!