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    Monthly Sale but FY year Quota

    Derrek Mikacevich

      I had a question regarding a FY year quota but you have the list of all the closing sales and their exact dates. I was just given a FY quota with the rep name along with all the closing sales throughout the year which I need to populate the sales and quota monthly. I could easily divide the FY quota by 12 and apply it to the table but the problem is if a sale didn't happen (closing date) in that month then the monthly quota wont show up there. Hence, the FY quota will be off. I need the quota to populate still if there isn't a sale in that month. The "closing date" is the driver for the date dimension so it makes sense but is still annoying.


      I have done some date creating before and other calcs and nothing seems to be working out. Only other option is I could create a monthly quota in excel and duplicate the months over and over for each rep but there a lot of them and will be super inefficient. Any help is great appreciated.


      I have attached a generic workbook for reference.