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    Subscribing others to alerts in Tableau Server 10.1

    Tom Cody

      Hi everyone, I have a workbook with US sales data.  Sales people are given access to this workbook, but can only see activity in their territory.  We do this by creating a reference table of sales rep Tableau usernames to their territories.  I join that to the sales data, and finally have a calculated field/filter in Tableau that checks if the sales rep username in the cross reference Tableau = the username they are currently logged in with (username()).  This has worked like magic. 


      With Tableau 10, I want to take advantage of the ability to subscribe others to views/alerts.  Say I want to send the sales reps an alert whenever there is a sale over $10k.  I jump into the data with my "god view"  of all territories, filter to only $10k and above sales, save the view, and subscribe others.  The issue is, the sales reps are now receiving "god view" alerts.  They are sales over $10k, just not necessarily in their territory.


      Is there anyway short of filtering to their territory and creating 1 alert per user to do this?  I was using VizAlerts for awhile, but found it tough to work with, and would really like to use native Tableau to pull this off.