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    [Tableau 9.3] Can a set being used to restrict filter options be refreshed with new data?

    Shane D'Lima

      Hi Tableau Community,


      First of all, I apologize for not being able to attach a workbook because the data I'm working on is highly confidential.


      I created a set in order to eliminate "Null" as a value from a field that I am using as a filter. This field is for tests that students take and for some reason the data included "Null" as a field so I created a set which included all the valid test names and excluded "Null" so that the dashboard I'm creating doesn't offer "Null" as an option for viewers to choose from the Test Name filter.


      My question is:


      When new data is added to the PostGRES table I'm connected to, is it possible to add those test names to the filter options without manually having to add the new test names to the Set I'm using to exclude "Null"?


      As per the screenshot attached, is it possible to have the 13th test, when the PostGRES table is updated, automatically added to this set and selected so that users have the option to choose it from the filters while simultaneously keeping "Null" off the list of potential filter selections?


      I'm excited to learn if there's a more straightforward way of doing this


      Thank you so much for the help!