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    2 dashboards - changing one, affects the other

    Georgi Shopov

      Hello geeks!

      I have technical question which will help me understand the logic of Tableau.


      I've made a dashboards with KPIs for months, days, week, weekdays. And it's all cool. It looks beautiful but..

      I've decided to create one more dashboard which is the same as this one but showing the % difference for the mentioned above.

      So I duplicated this dashboard and just after I converted the metrics in % difference I noticed that the original dashboard looks the same way.


      So basically I have two dashboards, one duplicated from the another. And when I change something in one of them, it also affects the other.. which kind of eliminates the Duplicate function...


      Now, I guess you can guess my question. Is this expected behaviour or a bug? And if this is part of the Tableau logic - what is causing it? I am pretty sure that I've successfully duplicated worksheets before and used this technique to minimize the time spent on visualizations.


      Any suggestions?