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    Hiding just one row

    Samuel Martin

      I have a table and I added a Grand total column by




      Since I had "2 categories: BW & UPH" per "row" I got 2 rows added as Gran Total.


      Now I want to removed one (only one) of the rows in the grand total (So I right Click and press HIDE)


      However, this will hide all the yellow highlighted rows and only only the one for the Grand Total.


      My QUESTION: How can I hide only the Gran Total row only for one of the categories? for example only UPH


      Thank you much


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          Tyler Garrett

          Ah yes, you can't hide without hiding them all. I would recommend utilizing the DASHBOARD, then drag and drop a floating TEXT, don't type anything in it. Then format the shading to cover this up. I'm just recommending what I would do "first" rather than spin wheels to find that complex win here.


          Or you can duplicate the viz, hide the totals, and stack the viz with just the ONE showing. Again, another DASHBOARD simulation, rather than flexing your strength on one vizy, do use the other aspects of the tool to accomplish your goals. Often times, hide, show header, do not do exactly what the project requirements are...


          Hope this helps, I've done all of this above countless times, and be sure to test what it looks like on ONLINE/SERVER before pushing it to 'production'




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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning


            I have had a similar problem and found a different solution - I duplicated the data source and linked them together - then used 1 source for 1 dimension (like BW in your example) and the other for UPH in your example

            It required creating a few calculated fields but the project was one where they wanted to update monthly automatically and it was worth the effort


            Can you share the example in a ***.twbx file?


            If not let me know if this helped