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    SAP HANA Calculation views in Tableau 10.1.1 64 bit

    marco klaassens



      We have developed a calculation view in SAP HANA with 103 columns.

      If i open Tableau desktop client and connect to the SAP HANA platform i can see the view. If i drag it in i see only 80 columns in Tableau. 23 columns from the view are missing.


      If i do "Convert to custom SQL"  i see the list of these 80 columns.

      If i replace this with "Select * from the view"  i suddenly see 103 columns in Tableau Desktop. This confirms that all columns are in the view.


      The problem is that with any count or measure in Tableau Desktop it will kick off this huge SQL statement.

      I want to just drag in the view so it will use the optimized SQL instead of custom SQL.


      Any suggestions or recommendations ?


      Tableau 10.1.1. 64 bit

      SAP HANA Version