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    show ONLY grand total? LOD requires secondary data source linking fields in view but that is not the aggregation I want.

    Colleen Guyre

      I have two data sources and I am using LOD expressions so the linking fields between the data sources have to be in the view but I don't want my data aggregated using those dimensions. I cannot just hide the undesired values because I have already hidden some columns and the grand total I want is a row total. It will not let me hide rows if columns are already hidden.


      More detail about my calculations:

      The calculated measure is very complicated and comprised of other calculated measures from both data sources which contain LOD expressions. The undesired dimensions are STATE and DIVISION and these are located on the rows shelf, these are linking fields. The columns shelf contains MONTH([DATE]) and this is also a linking field. I want the data to be a running sum of the monthly data, but not broken out by state and division. I was able to get this value by using a table calculation and a row total and then hiding columns January through November. I still want to hide the non-total values for December. Is there a way to do this?


      I cannot supply a packaged workbook due to issues with proprietary data and intellectual property. I do not have the capability of creating dummy data.