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    Matched all locations but still have unknowns



      (first of all, sorry if I use some incorrect english words, english is not my native language. I hope all is still understandable )

      I am new to tableau (started on Monday) and I ran into a problem with the maps.


      I'm using the data of Microsofts AdventureWorks2014.

      I want to show the "ProvinceState.Name" in a map.

      19 of these are unknown: 3 are ambiguous ones, the other 16 are all in France.

      The 3 ambiguous ones are plotted correctly when I add the CountryRegionCode (ISO).

      The French ones are unknown cause they aren't regions but départements.

      I grouped the ones that belong together, named them accordingly and assigned each of the single provinces the corresponding region.


      Now to my problem:

      when I use the "normal" Provinces dimension to plot my data, all provinces are plotted correctly, but for the French ones only one of the departements is shown as info.

      When I use the new Provinces (groups) dimension, it shows me the correct assigned names for the French ones, but the 3 ambiguous ones are unknown although I still have the country region code added, and in the "edit locations" all have a location assigned to them.


      Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


      Edit: I attached a workbook in an answer below.