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    Tableau server connecting to outside with URL-what are the steps used to connect to online maps

    Leonard Culberson

      Good day Tableau community!

      It's been a while since I have posted any questions.

      My question today is: I would like to know how tableau can reach out to outside URL from the server.   Needing to connect to online maps.  I have found some documentation in :

      Product(s): Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Version(s): 9.0, 8.3, 8.2 - Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016 "Connecting to Tableau Map Service"

      This document has sections for "Requirements for a TMS connection".  It gives examples of TMS(Tableau Map Service) file.  In the document, there is also links to other documents; "Working with WMS Servers", etc.

      Where do I go to get information on connecting to outside URL from the tableau server?  Or is what I have all that there is?


      Thank you for any information!