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    Tableau runs counts when connecting to Tabular Cube Can I stop this?

    Paul Hannelly

      Hi all,


      This is my first question so please be gentle..


      I have a bunch of reports that all link to a tabular cube. When Tableau makes the initial connection to the report it is always takes 10 seconds to connect.


      After this initial connection everything is then very performant as expected. I added "?:record_performance=yes" to the end of my report;

      This shows what is happening, it turns out that for the initial connection to the tabular cube Tableau is doing a distinct count of every single dimension member;


      eg (this is only 3 of the 50+ dimension columns I have in my tabular cube)



      MEMBER [Measures].[TEMP(count)(290714814)(0)] AS



      SOLVE_ORDER = 65535


      MEMBER [Measures].[TEMP(count)(290714814)(1)] AS



      SOLVE_ORDER = 65535


      MEMBER [Measures].[TEMP(count)(290714814)(2)] AS



      SOLVE_ORDER = 65535




      FROM [Model]



      Now my tabular cube has some large tables 300mil+ so these counts are whats taking up the 10 seconds, in fact if I run the code in SSAS it takes exactly 10 seconds, so I have found my issue.


      My question is, can I stop Tableau doing this??


      This happens on Tableau desktop and Tableau server, and I am using Tableau 9.2.


      I hope someone can help, I have been researching and googling this for days.