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    Refresh/Schedule extract

    Srikar N

      Hello Team,


      1.In Tableau Desktop, I created a data source connection to Redshift then I used 'Custom SQL'. I also changed the connection type to 'Extract'.

      2. Created a dashboard and published it to Tableau Server using below options.(Snapshot#1)

      3. Now I visited 'Tabeau Server portal' to test the extract schedule. I just clicked on refresh type 'Run Now' as shown in below screenshot#2

      4. On the alert menu I see the message as shown in below screenshot#3.


      Question1: .I would like to know is it something failing in the background or its just an alert that we can ignore.

      As per this screenshot, it says 'Connectionless Failure' so I checked the data source connection and it has got validated successfully shown in screenshot#4.


      Question2:. Please correct me if this is the right way of  refreshing/scheduling the 'extract'?




      Thanks in advance,