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    Latency between Data Source refresh and updating the chart on Tableau web

    Merelda Wu

      I have multiple workbooks using the same data source, so I opted for publishing the common data sources as a centralised data source.


      I've scheduled the ETL to refresh the data sources on the server, and they refreshed as expected.


      However, there is a very long latency (> 20 minutes, for larger data sources more than an hour?) for when the data source is refreshed, and the latest data shown on Tableau web reports.


      Is this a common problem?

      Because I read on the Tableau help that states "Extracts can be refreshed on a schedule. You set up one refresh schedule for the extract, and all workbooks that connect to it always show the most current data."


      I have very time-sensitive clients who like to have the reports on time every day, so is there a way to reduce the latency?



      Thanks in advance.