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    Filter Dashboard


      Hi everyone;


      I am trying to create a Social Network Diagram on Tableau Software.


      I want to show the data flow Sent and Received.


      Please see bellow what I did until now, I have 4 graphs:


           1. Filter on persons

           2. Social Network with sent and received Data

           3. Social Network with Sent data

           4. Social Network with received data




      What I want when I select a person to view the flow in and out for this person selected and keep the senders and receivers on the graph

      By applying an action I can have the flow in only and not (in and out)



                Thank you for help

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          Chris McClellan

          I'm not sure exactly what you want to do, but one of these will probably be the answer:


          - on the container menu for the names list, select "Use as Filter".  This will filter all views in the dashboard.

          - if you don't want all of them filtered, setup a dashboard action (filter) to select which views you want to change.