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    Getting error SemanticException [Error 10041]: No partition predicate found for Alias for all Hadoop data sources - new Tableau Server instance

    Katherine Woods

      I just completed building a new Tableau Server environment, and restored everything from our current (working) Tableau Server Production environment. Everything seems to be working fine with one exception. All of my Hadoop data extracts fail with 10041 when trying to connect. When I open a Tableau Desktop (V10) on this server and try to connect directly to the HADOOP tables there I get the same error. However, Impala and Oracle connections are working fine. Also, all of the same tests (using the exact same workbook files) are completing normally on the production system. There must be something I missed during the configuration of the new Tableau Server. I have verified that the same Hadoop drivers are installed on both systems.


      Does anyone have an idea about what I am missing or how I can further diagnose this problem to get to a solution. I have an open Tableau Case for several days, but no contact with Tableau Support and can find nothing in the knowledgebase article regarding this issue. I'm stumped!