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    Parameter that will also show value 'peers' based on multiple criteria that match

    Mike Mainzer

      (I'm only using Tableau Public and it won't let me upload a workbook, but it is version 10)


      As someone who is pretty new to calculated fields and parameters, I have a similar problem but with slightly greater complexity and was wondering if you could offer any insights.


      I have a dataset that compares the average growth percentiles of students at various schools. I have a parameter that will allow a user to type in the name of that school and it will highlight so it can be seen in context, which is fine.

      What I would like is to select that school, have it highlight as it currently does, but then only show other schools that have a similar range for a number of variables, i.e., race, poverty level, location type, disabilities, etc. in order to allow for an apples-to-apples comparison (relatively speaking).


      Or, instead of using the parameter at all, just click a school within the viz, and have its 'peers' remain in the viz, while the remainders are filtered out.


      Is this possible? Not sure where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated!