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    How to edit the Custom SQL once the data source is published to the Tableau Server

    Srikar N



      I have created a custom SQL by connecting to Redshift and then I published the data source and created a dashboard based on that data source.

      Now I wanted to re-visit the custom SQL and add/change something in SQL to meet the dashboard requirement.


      1. I'm unable/How to see the Custom SQL that I created initially? Below is the screenshot#1.

      2. Also when I published the data source and dashboard for the first time I have chosen 'Live' and then logged into the Tableau Server to see the dashboard, it didn't allow me to view the dashboard. It was throwing some error message says that the connection is invalid. But when I publish the same connection as 'Extract' everything worked fine.

      I would like to know that Custom SQL by pointing to Redshift or any database doesn't allow the 'Live' connection