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    Multiple domains




      Can anyone help me how to make server accessible to users with different domains?


      If I've two users: a@xyz.com and b@abc.com. My server link is: localhost:8000.


      I want to give access to them. Do I need to set up active directory, trusted authentication, saml, or is there any other method?


      It would be great if you can explain me the process.

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Tushar

          The simplest option (if available to you) is for your Tableau Server to be configured with Active Directory Authentication, and there to be a trust relationship between the 2 domains.

          See the following article

          Domain Trust Requirements

          If this is not possible, then it is going to start getting trickier

          All the best


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            Thanks Glen,


            One more thing I would to like to ask you.


            Do I need to add this users to my active directory first?

            Can you please throw some light on it?

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              RAHUL PATEL

              Hey Tushar ,

              I am having same doubt, default domain is already there. 2 way trust is already established. We are using Tableau Server 2018.3.0 with AD and SAML.

              we have tried adding using tsm UI as well as tsm cli.

              TSM cmd

              tsm user-identity-store list

              tsm user-identity-store set-connection



              Adding domain , NetBIOS , principal dn , port etc..



              tried to change workgroup.yml in



              C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\vizportal_0.20183.18.1019.1426


              How do we add domain netbios and domain name in tableau configuration so that Tableau start authenticate other domain user also. Glen Robinson