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    How to collectively represent date fields for visualizing staged cycle times?

    Kim Barbato

      Hi, all!

      This is probably a simple fix and I'm just not seeing it.


      I have a multi-stage process and need to assess how the duration of projects spent at each stage ("cycle time") have changed each year.  I'd like to show the Year on the x-axis with median Cycle Time Duration (years) on the y-axis, and I'd like to superimpose each stage on one multi-line graph so one can look quickly and see which stage cycle times have improved over the years and which have not.


      Attached is an abbreviated version of my source data (.xls) and my failed attempt at creating a visual in Tableau.    The Year on the x-axis should represent the year a project has completed a particular stage.  I thought I was on my way by creating a custom date field called "Year Stage Achieved" by selecting all my date dimensions at creation of said custom date field, until I realized the x-axis is only pulling years through 2014 (my data includes stages completed through 2016).  Perhaps a custom date field isn't the way to go when needing to reference the Stage fields (dates) in both calculating the cycle times AND representing a continuous year in the visualization?


      Thank you in advance for your wisdom and guidance!