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    Connecting oracle from Tableau desktop & Tableau server

    Sunil Tikar

      Hello ,


      Do anyone aware of that thing which is I am/my desktop users  observing now a days on Tableau version 10 . My tableau desktop users used to connect oracle database using database name however now a days they are reporting that they are no longer able to connect their database using database name , they need to enter HOST name & service name in order to connect database .  I observed same thing at tableau server too.


      Anyone has any idea regarding this . If we eleminate tableau from that picture ( like tableau changed something on product itself) what I can do/tweak so that user can again connect to oracle via Tableau desktop/server using Database name instead of HOST name and servie name .


      For example -

      If TNS entry is below



      Then users used to connect above database like below


      Now a days users saying above thing is not working and they need to connect same database with below details




      Please assist .


      Regards ,