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    Does Tableau Server include a CORS proxy for WDCs?

    Jamieson Christian

      Hello Community!


      I am working with my IT group to deploy our first Web Data Connector onto our Tableau Server 10.1 environment. Our application precludes CORS support from the API server, as well as JSONP. SO, during local testing, we used the CORS proxy that is included with the WDC Simulator.


      As we deploy to Tableau Server, it appears that CORS enforcement is still something we have to address. (I was hoping the TS environment would be considered more of a "trusted" execution context.) So, it seems we still need a CORS proxy.


      Does Tableau Server include a CORS proxy that we should reference? Do we have to install our own CORS proxy, separately? Or, am I mistaken in the above, and CORS should not even be necessary once a WDC has been imported into Tableau Server?


      The help article (WDC Working with CORS) made mention of having to "download and configure a production proxy server", but I wanted to make absolutely certain I understand what that meant.


      Thanks for any clarification and guidance you can provide!