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    Tableau system restore test

    Irfan Mohammed

      Hi Everyone,


         I need an urgent support on this. We are performing contingency test on our Tableau deployment. We are taking daily incremental and weekly full image backups of our VMs. We have a 3 node system with one primary and 2 workers. In the contingency test, we want to test our backups and restore. Basically want we want to do is, delete or move one of the application file from its default location so that some functionality of Tableau doesnt work on the server. Then we want to restore from the image backup which would restore that file back to its original location and that functionality should start working.  We want to do this  with minimal impact on our deployment. May be something on the worker 2 so that there is no impact on the primary and worker 1. Has anyone done such a test. Can someone please help me with this? Can someone suggest, what file I can delete on the worker so that some functionality dosnt function and when we restore it back from the backup, it should work like before. Or any other suggestion on how to perform the backup and restore test with minimum impact.




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          Jeff Strauss

          It's an interesting question.  I thought about it and the idea I have (delete the Tableau install directory on worker 2) probably won't work because you will get a message such as "file currently in use, cannot change, cannot delete", go back to start...   But if you may be able to go into services and stop the Tableau service on worker 2 and then delete one of the config files such as workgroup.yml, but then when you restore you will need to restart your entire Tableau cluster.


          Whatever you do, it's advisable to do this on dev...

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            Jeff Strauss

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              Irfan Mohammed

              HI Jeff,

                   Thanks for the quick response. But dont you think it would be risky to delete the

              entire install directory on the worker 2. I just want to do a simple thing where i want to delete something very simple. One idea i have is to delete an application file that would stop the web page render on worker 2. basically the gateway process on the worker 2. but i am not sure which file i should be deleting for this. In this way when i launch the webpage on worker 2 it will not. When i restore the file back, i should be able to launch on worker 2. There might be a better idea than this. Can you please help. This is just to make sure that the restore from back up is working fine. This is one of the requirements for our process setup.



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                Jeff Strauss

                First off, will the restore from backup function properly when files are in use or will it just skip over these files?



                Something you can try is as simple as do a search on favicon.ico, this is the little icon that is up in the browser tab.  Rename it to something different.  Then when you re-render the gateway portal, it won't find this and then there may be an "X" up there in the browser tab.  And in fact, if you look at the server status tab, it will indicate that it's down with a big red X.  But then when you restore from backup, this icon file should come back.  It will be in 1 or 2 locations:  ...\Tableau\Tableau Server\workerx\wgserver\public\release\favicon.ico or ...\Tableau\Tableau Server\workerx\wgserver\public\favicon.ico