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    Issue on Running Sum

    Anandh V

      I have a table and barchart with the running sum calculation. In Table chart i can see the data value of particular week but in barchart its not coming , bar is not displaying the result.

      I have selected particular city for that city only i need to show the running sum in bar chart .

      Please find the screen shot as well as attached workbook.




      In the above chart for 201711 in table level am seeing value for ETEXP is 149, but in chart for the same week 201711 ETEXP is not showing in bar. I am seeing that wherever the values are its displaying once in bar for the current week if the second week has same value for the result its not showing in bar.


      I am attaching the workbook as well as the sample data used in this sheet.


      Please let me know why its not showing in bar chart.


      Its very urgent issue please someone help me to resolve this as soon as possible.

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          Kashish Chauhan

          Hi Anandh,


          The reason why this is happening is quite simple. If you will plot your data with the COUNT field you will be able to see that the 201711 doesn't have a value.



          So when you are doing a running sum on COUNT then when it reaches a total of 149 at 201710 it still shows 149 for 201711. Since there is no actual value in the data for 201711 it is not being plotted on the bar chart.



          I hope this helps you.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Kashish Chauhan

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            Anandh V

            Hi Kashish,


            Actually i am aware that there is no data for that period, but running sum value is shown in  table chart then why it is not shown in bar chart.


            My doubt here is if there is no value for FY201711, when having running count calcualtion, it should not show in table chart also, but it is showing.


            Is it possible to show the running sum of previous value adding with 0 and shown in FY201711, i mean FY201710 value is 149, but FY201711 is actually 0 can we show 149+0 as 149 in FY201711 week in chart level. I want to show the bar even though there is no value,