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    Site Admin vs. Project Leader?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Simple questions. Can someone tell me what a Site Admins can do that a Project Leaders can't?


      This was the response we received from IT when we asked them to create a Site for us: "What can't you do now that you want to do?"


      Russell Christopher what's the best answer to this question? Considering our previous conversation.



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          Donna Coles

          Hi Shawn

          The core difference is that a site admin has the rights to manage content/permissions across all the projects in a site, whereas the project leader has the same capabilities but only on the project they've been associated to. I imagine you've seen the below...


          What are Project leaders - Projects and Content Permissions


          So in practice, the Project leader can

          - view all content in the Project

          - set permissions for the content in the project

          - delete content in the project (owned by others)

          - change owner for content in the project

          - move content into another project (providing they've got project leader capabilities on that project too)


          The only thing I can think that they can't do, is that a site admin would also have control over the creation/deletion of groups and users on the site.  Note, a site admin would also be able to all the stuff a project leader could do in the project, so you couldn't 'hide' content from the site admin by putting it in a project with a project leader.... I vaguely recall your other thread was all about controlling who could see what...


          Hope that helps a bit...


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            Mark Wu

            I know that this is not a new topics but I wanted to add a few more things between project leaders vs site admins.


            Project leaders can do all the followings for the contents within the specific project that a site user is project leader of:

            1. Change extract refresh schedule
            2. Modify any workbooks (web edit or re-publish)
            3. Change workbook owner
            4. Change data source owner
            5. Change data source user/password
            6. Delete workbooks
            7. Change workbook or data source permissions
            8. Move workbook from one project to  another if the user is project leader for both source and target projects.
            9. Lock or unlock project permission
            10. Certify or uncertified data sources (10.4 and above)
            11. Create or delete sub project folder(10.5 and above)

            Site admins can do all the above plus the followings that project leader can't do:

            • Admin views of the site - visibility of all the workbooks, data sources, tasks, schedules, users, groups, usage, view render time, disk space, etc within the site
            • Create/delete project as mentioned in Dona's reply
            • A lot of REST API functions are only available to site or server admins
            • Manage users if server admin gives this permission to site admins


            Read more about Project Leaders @ my blog  Feature Adoption - Project Leader - Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group

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              Greg Useem

              I know this post was a little while ago, but it is very helpful.  A question - is there anyway to enable delegation to manage users (add/remove to server and to groups) to a project leader? Or a workaround where you have a site admin that has limited access to only selected projects, not all projects?

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                Santhosh Sekar

                Hi Greg,


                No possibility to restrict the permission of site admin to access only limited projects and in same way no possibility to leverage the project leader permission to add users into the group.


                Hope you are trying to swap the role of site admin and project leader

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                  Mark Wu

                  Agreed with Santhosh Sekar.You may have to set up separate sites if you do not want one site admin to some other projects.


                  For groups/users, most customers sync Directory to server groups/users - it means that group member change is done outside Tableau in Directory which is more flexible.