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    Oracle Stored Procedure as Data source in Tableau 10

    Anand Ranganathan


      Good Morning, While researching on the Above Mentioned Question, I stumbled upon this below mentioned Link

      Tableau 10 includes even more data-source options | Tableau Software  and excerpt from the aforementioned Weblink is Below


      "Oracle table functions

      In Tableau 10, you can use table functions as a data source! Table functions are a great way to simplify data access to otherwise complex data structures.

      When you connect to Oracle, any table function you have access to will appear in the “stored procedure” section. Simply drag and drop the function to the canvas. If the table function contains any parameters, Tableau will prompt you for them.


      I created a Standalone Table Function, But still when I tried connecting to Tableau Server using Oracle connections i am not able to see the Same thing as shown in the picture above, any Quick reply on this regard will be Helpful.


      Thanks in advance.