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    Tableau Subscription Error -  "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered"

    Anil Dindi


      One of my workbook, is not generating images when a user subscribes it to get as an email.

      The issue is very intermittent. There are 7 views in the workbook and either 1 or 2 of the views are not generating snapshot.

      I subscribed just that 1 view and ran both of them at the same time and still only one of the two generated the snapshot.

      I followed this - Troubleshoot Subscriptions  but none of those is true in my case.

      My workbook is connecting to an extract.

      Background tasks for non-extracts says : " ABC View (7 of 8 views succeeded) "


      The log says:


      pool-2-thread-1 : ERROR com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.subscriptions.ViewPrinter - Could not export view to file.


      com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.DataSourceException: No such table [#Tableau_6_5E513D1C-2B8A-4EA6-85F0-E840CB001FF3_3_Filter].



      Appreciate your response.