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    Using Tableau as a semi-public database

    Jeffrey Schlapinski



      I'm fairly new to Tableau and wondering if it is the appropriate tool for my project or not:


      I'm looking to create a semi-public database that can be manipulated and then downloaded by others.  We want to put a segment of our database online for our members to download, but also want to give them some basic ability to customize which data they are downloading (by year, country, etc.). Some real life examples of the functionality I am looking for is is the IMF's World Economic Outlook data set and the World Bank's Open data, where someone can pick and choose a limited set of criteria for the data and then download it and there may also be some visualization to go along (though not completely necessary). It would have to be able to be accessed without the user downloading any tableau software and it would have to be relatively fast (enough that the user can toggle different options without freezing, though the actual download can take a bit longer). My organization currently uses tableau public (created on tableau desktop) to share a much more limited dataset, but it is already fairly slow. This new project would mean much more data. 


      Is there a way for Tableau to do this?

      Which Tableau software would been needed to make sure that it is fast enough for public use?

      Are there any public examples similar to this project that you know of?

      If Tableau is not appropriate are there other software options available?