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    Change of set's members is not reflected in calculated fields




      Has anyone noticed this?  Is it a known issue or is there a reason for it?


      When I change the members of a set, it does not affect the result of calculations using that set.

      The calculated field is evaluated as per the old members of the set.


      If I create a new calculated field with the exact same syntax, its result is consistent with the new members of the set.

      Further, placing that new calculated field in view causes the original calculated field's result to change, now also consistent with the new members of the set.


      I experience this with workbooks created in Tableau 10.0.1.  I'm running Tableau 10.1.1 and the problem persists after saving and re-opening the workbook.


      I do not experience the problem when I create a new workbook in Tableau 10.1.1.  So, it seems only some of my old workbooks are affected.