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    Custom Number Format Won't Apply

    J Workman

      Noob question here. See the below linked forum I was following on how to truncate numbers to a format of $4.12 B, $4.12 M, $4.12 K, etc. I cannot find where to determine this format specifically in my workbook. I want to truncate some numbers in the billions down to a format of $4.123 B so my Dashboard isn't so messy. When I am in the workbook and right-click on the data points and click Format, in the left pane I can't see where to apply my custom format. I clicked on the dropdown for Fields, and on Sum (Total Share balance), and under Scale, I chose customer number Format, and adjusted the format to include billions, but the format I choose does not apply correctly to my graphic once it is input. Any ideas?


      Custom Number Formatting ($K,$M)