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    Replace Date field in Data with "Today()" +/- 3 months

    John Quintana



      I am currently having an issue with blending two data sources in Tableau.  It is a simple table for the viz, however the date field that is referenced in the table has records (months) where a salesperson did not have any sales and therefore the calculated filter has nothing to reference and the other data for that month such as their budget, forecast, gap to goal, etc disappear.


      Is there a way to generate a 3 month look back and look forward from the month on "Today()" so that those months don't disappear like that?  I tried referencing another data source that will always have a month populated; but that requires both to be an aggregate, or an ATTR function in the calculation.


      Any suggestions are very appreciated.  More or less what I am trying to do is make sure that a month for every month 3 prior and 3 forward from the current month populate even if there is no date in the field being referenced.


      Thank you!