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    Combine a dimension with colored circles into one column.

    Gonzalo Yague

      Dear all,


      Please find attached both an Excel file (the result I would like to achieve) and a Tableau workbook (what I have done so far).


      Generally speaking, I would like to combine into one column (or field) the "Actual" dimension and a circle colored with red, orange or green, depending on the value of "Actual". Ideally the circles should be located to the left of "Actual". As you can see, I have defined the boundaries in the "Actual_Type" combinated field (high if "Actual" is higher tan 120, médium if it is higher than 100 and low in the rest of the cases).


      I know the "Actual" values in Tableau and Excel files do not match. That is not a problem at all.


      I would really appreciate if anyone could help me solve this problem. I´m stuck!


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Best regards,