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    Upload a twb after modification on notepad

    Enrico Stancanelli

      Hi to everyone,


      I'm trying to automate the process of uploading tableau file on server. I explain what i would like to do:


      I have different customers, so what I need to do is to create different copies of the same tableau file (.TWB). After that I will change the connections with excel (each customer have his own excel file). If I open a twb file with notepad, I am able to change the following string








      In this way I can use a batch file to automate the process and change a lot of connections with a click; the following step is to create another batch that will be able to upload all the files on the server: problems start now.


      If I use tabcmd to upload the files, NOW i have the following error:


      Unable to connect to the file"C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\tab\File\Export_Tableau_160117_CustomerName.xlsx". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.

      Errors occurred while trying to load the workbook "FT_EU_Sales_Rev06_CustomerName". The load was not able to complete successfully.


      It's the first time that i get this error. If I don't change the string with notepad I am able to do the upload. Anyone can help me ? I need a way to automate the connections with different sources and i need to upload all of them in a quick way.

      i get this error only when i try to upload the file on the server, but the connection with excel file works fine on my pc.


      Thanks in advance