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    Nested LOD, or another approach?

    Annay S

      Hi guys,


      Hoping for a little help. I'm working with student data, and for each program in each session year, I want to know how many of the students that were new to the program were also registered in the following session year.


      This way of calculating program retention that's a new approach for me. The retention information i need is about new students that start a program in any given year, and reference the their registration in the following year. I would like to display it in a similar way to what the workbook shows now, but only with counts of the first-year-in-program students that were retained to second year.


      I can calculate the first year for each student (in any program), but have trouble with calculating the first year that a student starts any specific program.


      Would appreciate any guidance.

      I'm working with Tableau 10.1.


      Thank you,