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    Two Timeline, Dual Axis

    Jeffrey Eker



      I am working to create a dual axis showing the date an ID is created and deleted. Multiple IDs are created/deleted on a single day and the life of an ID varies. The data looks like:






      The blank 'null' areas in the 'deleted' column mean that the ID is yet to be deleted. I need the dual axis to be one line for '# created per day' and the second line to be '# deleted per day'. So the data for plotting would be:


      1/1/17: 4 Created, 2 Deleted

      1/2/17: 2 Created, 0 Deleted

      1/3/17: 5 Created, 2 Deleted



      I'm having a lot of trouble generating a generic date timeline for the x axis. I appreciate your help and any assistance you can provide.

      Best regards,


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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Jeffrey,


          Is there any provision to format the structure of your data? What data source are you using.

          If you're using excel source. Then connect you data with legacy connection and pivot the data. So that you can get the dates in one column with Creation/Deletion flag.

          Once done then put a data source relative date filter on "Pivot field Values" to show only non-null values.

          If you're using any system db like oracle, my sql then recommended do some data massage to get the pivot format at ETL level or you can use Custom SQL.


          Let us know If you've any query.



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            Dhruv Gupta

            Hi Jeffrey,


                Refer my approach below. I have used 10.1.1 to make the changes.


            Hope this Helps!!



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              Jeffrey Eker

              Thank you Mahfooj Khan and @Dhruv Gupta


              This was very helpful - I went to implement this solution and found that I could not pivot because I am using multiple data sources (with inconsistant column titles). Using the attached .twbx as an example, are you aple to produce the same graph looking at the entire data set for all IDs (A1-A17) how many were created & deleted per given day.


              Just like the graph you showed Mahfooj, just using the two data sources.


              Greatly appreciate your help.