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    Manage your Hospitality using Tableau Dashboards

    Ramesh Pabba

      *** Drive your travelling smart meter Analytics Solution ***

      Hospitality is major key player in the travelling industry and the Hospitality sector caters to millions of travellers every day.Process your data on travel and hospitality to self-sufficiently derive insights about their customers, operations and properties without any coding.

      • Get a consistent view of customers by accessing, preparing and blending data about their purchase patterns, loyalty data, interactions and more, across all properties, channels and locations
      • Maximize revenue and occupancy levels by accurately forecasting room occupancy and seat demand based on purchase history, market trends, special events and more
      • Reduce asset failure and maximize uptime by predicting emerging quality issues in hotels,resorts and more, to schedule corrective maintenance
      • Optimize market presence by analyzing local travel, and hospitality needs based on local demand, trade area demographics and competitive presence.

      Understanding the Hotel Analytics Dashboard,looking at Total revenue,Total guests,Total occupancy,Rooms availablity, Rooms Sold,RevPAR and so.You can find the difference of each region and each city based on the months.Identify the Hotel performance given upon the Rooms revenue on yearly basis on Average Daily Room rate.We can have different types of dashboards likeCity Hotel performanceRoome RevenuesAverage Daily Room rateOccupancy(%)RevPAR($)Tableau visualization approach on Student Data analytics are.

      • More visual
      • Delivered fast at every stage
      • self driven

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          Nelli Iakunina




          I am working in tourism, in touristic appartments and I am just trying to figure out how to create dynamic occupancy table.

          I have data base with iformation of all reservation, name of the apartments, arrival and departure day, than price and pax.


          Could you please explain me how to create table like this:

          Ejemplo de tablas .jpg


          Thank you very much,


          Apartment 1
          Apartment 2
          Apartment 3
          Apartment 4
          Apartment 5
          Apartment 6
          Apartment 7