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    Education industry needs Tableau Solutions( Schools & Universities)

    Ramesh Pabba

      *** To Drive Enrollment and Student Satisfaction Success ***

      Today's world needs the analytics approach to derive the deeper solutions into visualizations,with Tableau already in use for data visualization,and this found the solution to their enrollment and student satisfaction biggest problems—accessing, collecting, and blending a wide range of internal and external data sources and preparing them for visualization in Tableau.

      Schools and Universities admissions are resolved easily by the Visualizations as we are engaged to wait for next schedule admissions and which courses are available and etc.,

      Using Tableau gives the Schools and Universities gives a competitive edge in identifying the right students for admission and retaining and graduating those students at increasing rates. Selecting the right students—those who can handle the university’s academic rigor and thrive in its environment of community—from thousands of prospects each year is critical to the university’s success.

      Students Success to choose right course within the competitive world and choose available courses for admissions and for career opportunities.


      Tableau visualization approach on Student Data analytics are.

      • More visual
      • Delivered fast at every stage
      • self driven

      Contact: Presales & Tableau Server Build-out and implementation support for Tableau solutions.

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