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    Creating dynamic title with conditions

    Ian Barton



      Im trying to create a dynamic label in the following tbwx "Approvals" sheet. Essentially I'd like to create the following title withthe following calculations:

      1) Count the number of "Approvals" in Submission Listing field based on the "Lung" from the "tumour type" field within the selected Window and before TODAY

      2) Count the number of overall approvals in the dataset irrespective of the filters used


      Many Thanks

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          Ian Barton hello!


          I just want to clarify what you wanted. We want to have two measures basically in the title:

          1. Count if (1) Submission listing is "Approval" (2) Tumor type is "Lung" and (3) Date is < the TODAY parameter. Is this also irrespective of filters?

          2. Total count of approval regardless of the other filter.



          What I did is to do both (1) & (2) irrespective of the other filters.


          For (1), here is the calculated field I created.

          We flag the records with 1 if it match the three criteria and this is calculated for the entire table as an LOD expression:



          For (2), this is the total count of submission listing which is non-null or equal to approval.



          Once these calculated fields are created, I added it to detail so I can use them in the title. When you click on Insert, the two fields that were added to detail will be included in the list which resulted to the first screenshot above.



          Is this what you needed? It will be easier to tweak the calculated fields once the logic has been clarified.

          I have also attached the updated workbook here.


          Hope this helps.




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            Ian Barton



            Yes thats it!! Excellent. How would i use the same logic to take into account filters as per your question? i.e if the user selects specific tumour types, Id like to be able to count how many how many have been approved prior to todays date?



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              Ian Barton


              Hello sorry for the late response.

              I just updated the formula for count condition 1.

              Please see below.



              Attaching also the updated workbook. The title will change depending on the selected tumour type.

              Let me know if this answers your question.




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