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    How to add users without a license?



      I ran through the tutorial and at the end I was able to get a exactly 1 mail from the VizAlertsDemo.tbw I got the mail for test 24. and nothing else.


      Is this correct or do I normally get more mails?


      In addition to this where can I add email addresses for users which have no tableau license? This is a bit unclear for me as I know there is a part of regex notification, but this is a little bit unclear for me as I really don´t know what to do.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Jens,


          1) Which view did you use for getting the test alert? There are a number of views in the VizAlertsDemo workbook, the one to test on is Advanced Alerts Tests.


          2) There are two parts of configuration: On a one time basis you’re going to need to set up your allowed domains in the ScheduledTriggerViews viz, this is the regex piece for pattern matching. The VizAlerts install guide has the details on that. The second piece is to set up an Advanced Alert trigger view where the Email To points to your recipients. The VizAlert user guide has those details.


          Let us know if you have more questions!



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            Hi Jonathan,


            thanks a lot for your answer. For fact I simply used the wrong test platfrom. With the correct one it is working (silly me)


            the regex peace I think is really my next step I need to look at as the syntax is not clear to me. At the end I am able to send a mail to myself. yehaa. step now is to check how to setup the vizalert for any other workbook I have created. I think I will need some more day to come behind the logic of this (I already tried to run the vizalert for another workbook but I don´t know if I am getting it by vizalert or by tableau subscription)


            Thanks again.