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    cross tab and line chart - newbie

    gary orourke

      I have and excel file with the following columns:


      Senior manager (text)

      Supervisor (text)

      Worker (text)

      Assessment_id (number – unique to each record)

      Assessment due date (date)

      Assessment approved date (date)

      Assessment_completed_timely (number – 1/0) 1 indicates
      completed timely 0 indicates not completed timely.

      There are a couple other columns but these are the main
      ones. I’ve attached a packaged workbook with sample data.

      I want to do two things


      Create a cross tab with count/% completed timely rolled up
      to senior manager but able to be drilled down to the worker level


      Create a line chart that indicates % completed timely by
      senior manager with a benchmark line of 75%


      I am totally new to Tableau – no training classes – I was
      just handed the software and told to learn it… Anyone who can point me in the
      right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks – btw  I am on version 9.3